Recovering from a bad backup strategy

File management has always been difficult for me. Most of the time my files and photos where on logical places, and I could always found them when I needed them. I didn’t really do any backup. I used to reinstall my computer a lot, always trying an other operating system, never happy with what I got. To make sure I didn’t loose my files, I made a ‘backup’ and put it on a floppies, zip-drives or harddrives. After installing the new system, I copied the most important files back to my computer. Sometimes I made a copy of the backup medium to be able to use it for something else. Whenever I reinstalled my computer, everything started all over again.

Since I started owned my own camera, I started to be more concerned over where my photos where kept. Since I use Bibble I want to organize all my photos inside Bibble, but where could I find all the photos? After going through my complete ‘backup’ I found that I had photos all over the place, in different folders on the harddrive and in archives. Sometimes I had copies of archives, and copies of files in different folders as well. After putting all the photos inside one folder, I found that I had around 40 GB of photo related files, including raw files, jpegs, Gimp files and some photo album files.

At the moment I am in the process of importing the photos in Bibble and make sure I don’t have any double or unwanted photo. All the newly imported photos get a tag “unsorted” and I will remove all the photos that are duplicate and theĀ  ones I don’t want to keep (since they are not mine).

From this experience I have learned a lesson I always knew. Make sure your files are properly organized, so you can easily find them. When backing up files, do this by making an exact copy of the complete folder structure. so that it is easily to restore and you can easily find files. Don’t wait with organizing your files, because the files you have, it gets more difficult to get started.