Project 52 2019

After a few years of inactivity on my blog, on Flickr and hardly any processed photographs, I have decided that it is time to give my photography a boost by making time to work on it a bit more. One way to do this is by doing a personal project. A very popular type of project is the project 52, or “a picture a week”.

To increase the chances of completing this project bigger, I have decided that the general theme for this project will be flowers. Of course I won’t limit myself to flowers, I will also use other types of photographs when the opportunity arises.

In order to learn things, I will try to take less photos and try to get things correct in-camera as much as possible, which should limit my time behind the computer for post processing.

Week 1

This week’s photo was taken on New Year’s Eve in Virginia Water. I only had a few minutes to take this photograph so it really isn’t the best photo I could’ve taken: too much of the flower out of focus.

Week 1 - Project 52 2019