Changes to the blog

When you start something new, you start very enthusiastic. When the enthusiasm fades away, it will be more difficult to keep going. To keep going you need to find inspiration, otherwise you will completely stop doing it.

This blog suffered from that problem. I created this blog because I wanted to share my experiences in the search for a good post processing software and I wrote several posts about that topic. After that it was difficult to find new topics and I kept talking about things I was working on, but after a while I stopped writing. I didn’t know what to write about and I didn’t want to think a lot about it.

A similar problem I have with my photography. I love making photographs and I made a lot of photographs last year. What I don’t like because it takes to much of my time is post processing. Most of my photo’s are imported into bible, so I can do something with them, but I never did anything with them, some of the photo’s I didn’t even look at. So it is hard to see what level I have in my photography, which makes it hard to improve my photography.

To stay inspired and to improve my photography I’ll will change this blog and post more photo’s on it. I will post some reviews of some gear and software I have, but I will focus on posting photo’s.

Secondly I will go out and make more photographs, post process them faster and post them on this blog.

Recovering from a bad backup strategy part 2

After a lot of time and after a few tries, I finally recovered all my photographs from the bad backup strategy I had. (You can read about that here)

What I end up doing was copying all photo’s one by one to a correct folder (year/month) and sort them, when a specific photo was already in the correct folder, I just deleted it and moved on to the next photo. It only took a few hours to do it this way, and I am pretty sure I have all the photo’s I wanted to keep.

The next step now is of course setting up a good backup strategy and keep that going without getting duplicate photo’s or loosing photo’s. I still need to think about that, but for now I will once in a while copy my bible library to an external harddrive.