Choosing the right Post Processing software

The software I have tested is mainly for processing Raw files. These means that correcting white balance and colours is the main thing that could be done using this kind of software. Because I sometimes shoot in JPEG as well (or rather other shoot in JPEG with my camera and I forget to change it back to RAW) support for JPEG files would be a plus, but I could do without it by using Gimp directly.

Browsing files within the Post Processing Software is more important. I could use other software for browsing and I actually did this when testing UFRaw, but most of the time I was opening UFRaw to look more closely at the image and tried some corrections before actually discarding the image.
Browsing through directories will make the whole Post Processing much easier. Opening  a directory via the menu slows the process down, especially when you’re not sure where the photo are located you want to post process or when you want to post process multiple photos in different directories.

Sometimes it is useful to  do more advanced editing like getting rid of people, dust or objects. Bibble lets you do this, but the other programs won’t. The other programs don’t have support for it, and it really isn’t needed. Gimp (or any other editing software) lets you do this with more control.

Bibble is the only application that makes it possible to resize the photo on export. This is a feature that could be very useful when you want to export a lot of photos to the web. In Rawtherapee it is not possible, but I think that it shouldn’t be to difficult to add. Adding a watermark to photos can only be done in Bibble using a plugin. But it Gimp there are also plugins for adding watermarks and also for adding frames and other decoration.

Choosing the right Post Processing Software is not that easy. Especially when there are two programs that are very good and fits almost all my needs. Those two are obviously Rawtherapee and Bibble. Bibble is very easy to use and I would pay for it, because it can do a lot of things that is worth paying for (like selective editing). Rawtherapee takes more time to get used to, but I think that once there is a stable version and the developers going to concentrate on the user interface and accessibility as well (more shortcuts for instance) it will be much better and easier to work with. The problem with Bibble is that it doesn’t have the possibility to send the photos to Gimp, while Rawstudio does have that functionality build in.

For the moment I think I will try Bibble for a few weeks and keep an eye on Rawtherapee to see how the development is going.


One thought on “Choosing the right Post Processing software

  1. Again, nice post very clear. I did not use Bibble yet, but hen again, I’m not needing it at the moment. Thanks for the extras in Gimp, never knew that. I love the fact that I can watermark my pictures, and put a frame on them, especially when I open my shop on Etsy! Then I will need something that looks professional for selling.
    Keep on going the good work, Groetjes Esther

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