Project 52 – Week 04 – 06

I have been a bit late with posting, but apart from week 4, I still shot a photo a week. The photo of week 4 was taken in week 5.

As always you can click on the photo’s to see the full sized photo.

Week 4 - Project 52 2019 Week 5 - Project 52 2019

Week 6 - Project 52 2019

Project 52 2019

After a few years of inactivity on my blog, on Flickr and hardly any processed photographs, I have decided that it is time to give my photography a boost by making time to work on it a bit more. One way to do this is by doing a personal project. A very popular type of project is the project 52, or “a picture a week”.

To increase the chances of completing this project bigger, I have decided that the general theme for this project will be flowers. Of course I won’t limit myself to flowers, I will also use other types of photographs when the opportunity arises.

In order to learn things, I will try to take less photos and try to get things correct in-camera as much as possible, which should limit my time behind the computer for post processing.

Week 1

This week’s photo was taken on New Year’s Eve in Virginia Water. I only had a few minutes to take this photograph so it really isn’t the best photo I could’ve taken: too much of the flower out of focus.

Week 1 - Project 52 2019

Reviewing the Black Rapid Sport


After trying the default neck strap from Nikon in different ways (as a neck strap, a shoulder strap, a wrist strap or as no strap at all…) and a dedicated handstrap. I noticed two things:

  1. Camera’s can get very heavy after a couple of hours, either holding them in hand, or hanging around your neck.
  2. Mounting the camera on a tripod took a lot of time (especially with the hand strap where I needed to remove the hand strap before fastening the quick release plate)

Than I came across the Black Rapid Sport. The last 6 to 9 months I used this strap in several different places and in different situations. I used it in cities, in buildings, in a zoo and outside in the nature. I used it with and without bags, while wearing thick clothes and while wearing only a T-Shirt, with Nordic walking sticks, on a bicycle and on a segway.

The Black Rapid Sport

The Black Rapid Sport is a shoulder strap designed to go from your shoulder, across the chest to the opposite hip. So the weight of the camera¬† is on your shoulder instead of your neck, and you don’t have the feeling the camera can glide off your shoulder like when you use the default neck strap as a shoulder strap (from your shoulder downwards).

The part of the strap that goes around your shoulder is completely made of padded material. This helps distribute the weight of the camera across the whole of your shoulder. I had no problem wearing my camera for a couple of hours. But still, after that I had the need to get the weight off my shoulder by holding the camera in hand for a while.

The camera is attached to the strap using a ring in the tripod mount. To be able to still use the quick release plate of the tripod, Black Rapid offers a special fastener. Now I can have the quick release plate on the camera while using the strap, so I only need to detach my camera from the strap to put it on the tripod. Although this special fastener is not really necessary (the strap can be attached to the Manfrotto release plate directly), it looks to me that the fastener of Black Rapid is better build and can handle larger weights.

On the downside

Since I used the Black Rapid Sport I also noticed a couple of annoying things.

First of all it is difficult to use a shoulder strap and a bag (shoulder bag or backpack) together, it is not impossible, but it  is less comfortable.

A few times I noticed that the screwed parts (the fastener and the sleeve that locks the connector) will start loosen up after a couple of weeks. So every time I use the strap, I have to think about double checking that every thing is screwed tightly.

The bumpers on the strap, which are used to keep the camera in place don’t work very well. The camera keeps bumping, but this can be easily solved by attaching a carabiner to a belt or backpack and the straps connector.


I really like this camera strap and I can really recommend this strap to other dSLR users. It is a joy to have your camera in hands reach without pain in the neck or arms and without the feeling you will drop the camera.